The LivingOS Free Use Agreement

Effective from: 1st January 2019

The Offer

This offer (the “LivingOS Free Use Agreement”), which is made to you by The Living OS Co., Ltd. (LOS) entitles you access to the Cloud-based Living OS Property Management Software (“The LivingOS Software”) for a period of Two (2) years (the “Free Use Period”) from the moment that you activate such period by submitting your consent on behalf of your Residential Property (the “Property”).

The LivingOS Software is a cloud-based property management solution with two user interfaces: (1) a desktop web portal for juristic persons and property managers with features including accounting and management systems and (2) a mobile application for residents with features including facilities booking, parcel and delivery notifications, maintenance request, visitor management, transportation services, etc.

By submitting your consent and details, you accept the 2 Years Free Use Offer and

(i) consent to the represented Property to use The LivingOS Software in accordance with our Privacy Policy (can be found at,

(ii) acknowledge and agree to Terms and Conditions of Use (can be found at

It is understood that the LivingOS Free Use Agreement includes The LivingOS using the resident mobile application to promote and advertise or sponsor functions, events, offers, competition or other activities which may be conducted online or offline and which may be conducted by third parties for the residents of the Property that you represent.

Terms of Termination

At any point of time should you decide that the Property you represent wishes to cease the use of The LivingOS Software, a representative of the Property may terminate this Agreement at any point of time upon 7-Days written notice to the The Living OS Co., Ltd.

Upon termination by the LOS or expiration of the Free Use Period, LOS shall, without delay, make all reasonable effort to export the your data maintained in the LOS’s system for your future use. A private download link will be provided by the LOS to you and available for download within 14 days. The Living OS Co., Ltd. reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify this Living OS Free Use Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions of use at any time without prior notice and with no liability.

Further Extension

After the initial 2-year period, the Property will be presented with a Service Agreement and offered the same terms for a period of 1 year commencing from the Execution Date of the Service Agreement, i.e. available at no additional cost for the continual use of The LivingOS Software.

Available Modules

The following set of Modules will be made available for the Free Use Period:

S/N Category Module Features
1 Administrative Parcel Management
2 Administrative Announcement Management
3 Administrative Resident management systems
4 Administrative Billing systems
5 Administrative Receipt systems
6 Administrative Debt free and change ownership
7 Administrative Purchasing systems
8 Administrative Accounts payable
9 Administrative Carparking and access control systems
10 Administrative Annual General Meeting module
11 Service Orders Part service maintenance systems
12 Service Orders Maintenance service order
13 Service Orders Preventive maintenance plan
14 Accounting General Ledger
15 Accounting Financial statement
16 Accounting Petty cash control

LivingOS reserves the right to make modifications to the available modules from time to time as it deems appropriate to enhance the functionalities of The LivingOS Software or for any other reason. You will be required to complete and include this form in your Application Submission. Please complete carefully as details from this form will be used to process your application.