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What do you get from us?

Increase Satisfaction to Residents, Fast Communication to Every Residents,
Prevent Fraud, Reduce Work Time with Automatic Feature, Every Functions Provided in One Program

Admin, PR
(increases satisfaction to residents)
Parcel arrival notification,
Remaining unpicked parcel status.
Electronic invoicing via email, mail, mailbox.
News and announcement,
Juristic person's meeting.
Maintenance and Maid Service Status Notification, 
Owner-Renter History Record
(Date Move in-out)
Gate and Parking Area Control System
Debt Free Approval Prevention
in Case There is Debt Accrued
Debt Free Approval via E-mail
for Authorized Person
Debt Free Follow Up Notification
International Ownership Ratio Report
Juristic Person Board Register
Finance and Accounting
Prevent Fraud
Print Invoice with QR Code
Separate Invoice between Owner and Renter
Invoice in Bill Payment Form
Immediate Checking of Payment Statement
Immediate Checking of Accrued Debt
Making Payment via QR Code.
(Eliminate Unidentified Payment Transfer)
Ensure There is no payment
for the wrong room. (via Access Card)
Purchasing Comparison and Payment Form
Creditor Check
Automatic Accounting Entry
Cheque Payment Control System
Cheque Printing Support Every Bank Forms
Online Tax Title 3 and 53
Maintenance and Engineering
(Increase Checking Standard)
Notify Manager when over 30 days delay
Notify Maintenance in case of Delay
Check Maintenance Performance
Maintenance Inventory Control
Bulb, Water Pipe)
Yearly/Monthly Maintenance Planning System