What do you get from us?

  • Prevent fraud with payment via QR Code
  • Work conveniently everywhere any time with on cloud feature.
  • Functions of the program cover every aspect of property management.
  • Communication tool that is fast, can send electronic invoice, parcel arrival notification,
    announcement and service status via Line.

Admin, PR
(increases satisfaction to residents)

  • Parcel arrival notification, Remaining unpicked parcel status.
  • Electronic invoicing via email, mail, mailbox.
  • News and announcement, Juristic person's meeting. More...

Finance and accounting
(to prevent fraud)

  • Print invoice with QR Payment.
  • Separate invoice to owner and renter.
  • Real-time checking of income -expense statement. More...

Maintenance and Engineering
(Increase Checking Standard)

  • Warning to manager in case of 30 days delay.
  • Maintenance delay warning.
  • Maintenance performance monitoring. More...

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Property Managements
Juristic Persons
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